Extravagance SL will be play @ Nature One 2014


The radio and event brand HeavensGate goes to Nature One in the fifth time. Apart 7 „Live from Ibiza“ Radio dates and gigs worldwide, the legendary Tranceduo Woody van Eyden and Alex M.O.R.P.H. didn´t have to take the honor to appear at the highlight of the electronic festival summer.

This year you can enjoy two days of HeavensGate with these artists:


20.00 Sounom & Sagou (NL)
21.00 Neil Moore (UK)
22.00 Groove Phenomenon ( Official) (GER)
23.00 Extravagance SL (GER)
00.00 Fisherman & Hawkins (NL)
01.30 Corti Organ (GER / HR)
03.00 SUN & SET (GER)
04.00 Mark Landragin b2b Messy A (UK)
05.00 Chris Low (GER)


18.00 Neil Moore (UK)
19.00 Robert Mint (GER)
20.00 Mark Landragin b2b Messy A (UK)
21.00 DuKa (GER)
22.00 Corti Organ (GER / HR)
23.00 Chris Low (GER)
00.00 James Dymond (UK)
01.00 Ben Nicky (UK)
02.00 Maarten de Jong (NL)
03.00 Producer Chris Bekker (GER)
04.00 KEN-GEE (JP)
05.00 Tekno vs MCO vs Iloco (GER)
06.00 Sun & Set b2b Chris Low